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Chocolate - It's All About the Cocoa Solids by Mark Swain | Discernment

Guest Post: Chocolate Discernment – It’s All About The Cocoa Solids

Author: Mark Swain  Read more…

The Discernment of Being Undiscerning

The Discernment of Being Undescerning

I used to have a friend who was delightful in all respects until you got her into a restaurant.

At that point, she would become a monster. She would sneer and nitpick at the staff; she would critique the menu in a loud voice (‘Don’t these people realise that using the word ‘jus’ just marks them out as suburban?’), and she would make it a point of honour to complain about at least one dish over the course of a meal. Read more…

Frances Wilson: Learning Taste and Discernment in Classical Music

Guest Post: The tyranny of the minority – Learning Taste and Discernment in Classical Music

About the author: Frances Wilson is a pianist, piano teacher, writer, concert reviewer and blogger on pianism and music as The Cross-Eyed Pianist Read more…

Shell Zenner

Shell Zenner shows me how to be discerning about new music

Last week, I talked about Phil Collins Paranoia, and how it’s ruining my love of music.

Well, luckily I have Shell Zenner in my life to hold my hand and tell me how to make it all better. Read more…

Everything you ever needed to know about the ice in your drink

Phil Collins Paranoia | Discernment

Phil Collins Paranoia

 Having reached an age at which I definitely have to accept that I’m no longer hip (I suspect that my use of the word ‘hip’ gives a lot away), I have succumbed to Phil Collins Paranoia. Maybe you’ll recognise the symptoms: every time I hear a new record that I like, I am struck by a crippling fear that this, finally, will be my Phil Collins.


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The Discerning Drinker

This Friday (17th May) I’m embarking on a day of discerning drinking.

The idea is simple (and probably slightly lethal). I want to address the issue of what to drink in a pub: what should you choose, and what’s the right drink for the right moment. Therefore, I will be installing myself in a range of locations across the day, and carefully choosing one drink an hour. The exactly right drink. Read more…

The Discerning Choice

I am not particularly discerning.

I am the sort of person who dreams of a chic capsule wardrobe, but then can’t resist the lure of Primark. I am vulnerable to costume jewellery. I have a weakness for Pop Tarts.

And, actually, I’m quite proud of that. Some of the best things in life are – if not free – cheap, readily-available, and made of brightly-coloured plastic. I find all the fuss about this vintage of wine, and that limited-edition handbag a bit dull. Too often, it seems to me that people are trumpeting how much they’ve paid, rather than how good their purchase actually is.

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