The Discerning Drinker

This Friday (17th May) I’m embarking on a day of discerning drinking.

The idea is simple (and probably slightly lethal). I want to address the issue of what to drink in a pub: what should you choose, and what’s the right drink for the right moment. Therefore, I will be installing myself in a range of locations across the day, and carefully choosing one drink an hour. The exactly right drink.

My timetable runs thus:

11am  The Thatched House, Hammersmith

1.30pm   Visiting the Sipsmith Distillery

3pm  Vague hinterland. Afternoon cocktails at Rules have been suggested. Open to ideas.

5pm  Brewery tour (not exactly sure where)

6pm The Ship, Wandsworth until close. Growing increasingly talkative and hazy.

11pm Kebab (not).


Can you help? 

Perhaps you can suggest the right drink for a specific time of day?

Maybe you know about a national or cultural custom around drinking?

Maybe you have a custom of your very own?

Or maybe you fancy joining me at some point during my day? I’ll look a bit sad drinking on my own.

Let me know!


Huge thanks to the lovely Osh Rogers for hosting my day (I suspect he’s doing it for his own amusement).




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